Drastic Rise in Precious Metal Prices Effects Choices in Wedding Bands

Men’s nuptial bands made of gold, platinum and palladium have been on the acclivity in preceding years with a uncommonly steady climb in prices over the last year. Increases posses been experimental by as much as 30% for some types of rings Unless you are a jeweler or constantly searching for a ring, you may not command this increase, as most relatives typically don’t buy marital rings on an annual instigation The inducement for this dramatic amplify is due to the incline in price of precious metals; gold and platinum especially.

Drastic Rise in Precious Metal Prices Effects Choices in Wedding Bands

Drastic Rise in Precious Metal Prices Effects Choices in Wedding Bands

The rise in precious metal prices hold made the the emolument of jewelry, including men’s nuptial bands, charge prohibitive for many people. The charge of gold which has risen from $600 per ounce a year ago to over $750 per ounce as of October 14, 2007. Platinum has furthermore risen from $1100 to over $1400 per ounce in impartial a year That’s roughly a 30% augment in one year! When these precious metal prices augment it trickles down to the consumer, affecting the emolument of fine jewelry

In an device entitled, “Gold Sparkles with Promise,” Curtis Hesler, editor of the Forbes Newsletter, The Professional Timing Service said: “In the top quarter of following year, we could see gold push the $800 level.” That’s partly a 35% amplify While this may be a great investment, it’s going to hit your wallet heavy when it comes to laying down the monetary for your marital rings So, with gold and platinum reaching higher and supplementary expensive cost points, what alternatives are available for men’s nuptial bands, marital rings and mission ring?

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Contemporary metals such as Titanium and Tungsten are proving to be not only standard alternatives, but supplementary affordable and often times, other stylish. With so many younger grooms being priced out of the gold connubial band, or platinum married band, they are overwhelmingly selection more contemporary metals Wedding bands made of Titanium, Black Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless, Carbon Fiber are becoming additional popular, which is interesting since these contemporary metals were not even options a few years ago But now, other than ever, Titanium rings and men’s connubial bands made of Tungsten Carbide or Black Titanium are doable choices for a companion to consider when shopping for his nuptial bunch

Titanium rings keep been considered an possibility to gold and platinum for many reasons, but now further than ever, remuneration is main concern With the prices of gold and platinum as rangy as they are, nuptial rings and men’s nuptial bands are becoming increasingly charge prohibitive Titanium rings are not only further continuing than gold and platinum, but much fresh affordable For example, a 7mm comfort dovetail platinum round can emolument as much as $1350 A gold connubial bunch of identical width can be found for approximately $700 In comparison, titanium rings and tungsten rings in the duplicate widths can be found for halfway half the fee of gold and third of platinum.

A leading online retailer of end metals jewelry Titanium-Jewelrycom has many styles of titanium and tungsten rings starting at $79. Ron Yates, founder of Titanium-Jewelrycom and publician of Yates & Co Jewelers in Modesto, CA says “We’ve seen a monstrous increase in men selection contemporary metals for their nuptial rings. Just three or four years ago most guys never heard of titanium rings or tungsten rings Now they are considering these rings as a doable possibility for their wedding rings They like second designs, durability and the affordability.”

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So if you are shopping for marriage rings and the drastic expand in precious metals has moved beyond your level of affordability for platinum or gold matrimonial bands, there are options available It is partly a certainty that as gold and platinum prices maintain to spiral upwards other and fresh shoppers leave be wearing contemporary metals on their nuptial finger Currently, titanium and tungsten are the memorable choices but don’t be surprised to see more new exciting options alert up in the near future.